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Nokia Lumia 800 Pay Monthly Phone

I have Nokia Lumia 800. It is Nokia first windows phone so letís go for its hardware and software trial to discuss. If you seen N9 this probably doesnít look that different but this is a bad thing because this bulky device has are pretty hi-quality hardware in terms of the design. It has carbonate backing here they are smooth really nice in the hand no seems among the outside of the device that means you donít change the battery which is ok that because I feel it has good battery life. It also no access of micro SD card which should not be that much show in this phone but I know some view is like that. Overall it has clean design feels well in the hand. You can notice its sleeker, its all around and these pointed edges depending on you how you can hold it but noting too bad. Display 2.7 Amoled inches, its quite responsive the screen has little bit curved. When we come to windows phone looks itís a very nice combination and experience. So we have seen some complaints about the text it is little bit greeny it has nice screen very responsive button. So it is a browser as you aspect pinch and zoom so it is very eligible and very clean lovely. So windows phone fans like its blinking into apps and easily switching on different apps. It provides 2D, 3D maps its pretty good. I am used to Google maps experience so its 3D maps are pretty good. Camera is not as good just hold down the camera button to capture.